Q. Is Pacific Bloodstock Pty Ltd a licensed syndication company?

A. Yes, Pacific Bloodstock Pty Ltd is licensed by ASIC (FSL 303164) and is also regulated by Racing Victoria in its operation.  Be careful of buying shares of unlicensed operators.

Q. How is my investment protected?

A. Unlike trainers and other people offering shares in racehorses, an ASIC licensed syndicator is required to disclose everything in relation to the selling of that horse, including a certificate of soundness. This way you know the full picture and may make an informed choice.

Q. Can I purchase more than one share in a partnership?

A. Yes you buy as many as you wish, although as an alternative we suggest by spreading your risk over more than one horse, may increase your chances of success.

Q. How do I know I am not buying a poor horse?

A. Pacific Bloodstock is in the business for the long term and will endeavour to make your racing experience a better one. We have had over 30 years experience in racing and horse syndication and use stringent selection criteria.

Q. Can I involve friends in my share?

A. In a 10 share partnership there can only be 10 names listed in the ownership, as an alternative you can register your own syndicate name so that all your friends and family can be involved.

Q. When we purchase a share will we be just a number?

A. Absolutely not, our owners are our business and we encourage your participation at whatever level you are comfortable with. This not only extends to training and race day, but we provide other social activities for you to become involved with if you wish.

Q. Why buy from your company as opposed to dealing direct with a trainer?

A. We offer a full service to our clients, where as a trainer should be focused on training your horse, we are independent of our trainers and are working in your best interests in the event of a conflict of interest. We only truly win if you win.

Q. Are there different options available other than a share in a racehorse, such as breeding options and investment packages?

A. We can tailor a plan that can see you spread your risk whether it is with a number of horses, with being involved in broodmares and breeding plans and we always have investment packages which add another dimension to horse racing involvement

Q. Do you have share available for lease?

A. From time to time we have leased shares in race horses, please contact the syndicate office to be placed on a register if one becomes available.  As an added dimension, we can in some cases provide interest free terms for purchases.

Q. Is there any opportunity to be involved in harness racing shares?

A. Pacific Bloodstock is the licensed promoter for the harness racing syndication program through “Raceapacer”- we have some price range shares as well as horses to lease.

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